Sharing any USB printer over a network using a Raspberry Pi


Interesting CUPS application… sharing any USB printer over a network using a Raspberry Pi


PiMagic revision


Just a note to say that I’ve corrected the error on the PiMagic Rev01b board and the 01c prototype is now in manufacture.  Aside from the Q1/Q2 silkscreen correction, some of the silkscreen logos are now corrected and there’s a nice ground plan copper pour added on both sides.  As soon as I get the prototype back and test this I’ll make an update to the design files in GitHub and the instructions to reflect this.  For now here’s a nice picture of the Rev01b board…

PiMagic Rev01b

Earlier today… PiMagic and servos


Copper pours…


So today at #wutheringbytes I’ve been fixing the board layout for #pimagic, to fix the reversed transistors and add a fabulous copper pour to the board.  Found a fab tutorial at

GUI based remote acess on the Raspberry Pi


For those who don’t know, VNC is a remote desktop access client/server utility which has been around for many years.  Here’s an excellent tutorial on using this with the Raspberry Pi.  This is a useful utility if you want to do GUI things but don’t have a monitor handy…

Wuthering Bytes 2014


Having great fun at #wutheringbytes (  Everything from privacy to ARM to rocket motors…

Full write-up of the PiMagic


PiMagic Top

Okay, so I’ve finally got around to writing up the PiMagic design in full, which you can find here and here.

In the future I might get a large batch of PCBs made up for sale, or even put together some basic kits.  If you’re interested in either of these then comment or email me.