Wuthering Bytes…


Once again I’ll be at wutheringbytes.com again this year for what’s sure to be an exciting 3 days this time 🙂


ZX81 composite video mod installed


Well I just installed the unbelievably cheap ZX8-CCB composite video mod, and it’s awesome.   It did need a little tweaking on the presets to get over a completely black screen, but the video quality is second to none on this unbelievably cheap (£5.80+£1.90P&P) bit of kit.  Other mods are available but at 5x the price.  If you want one, check out http://www.sellmyretro.com/offer/details/3712

ZX8-CCB installed Image quality

PiMagic Introductory slides


PiMagic Introductory slides

If you’re interested in reading a little of the background on PiMagic, take a look at these introductory slides from my recent flash talk at Wuthering Bytes.   I’ll likely be manufacturing a small number of prototype kits. If anyone is interested, let me know.   Once I have an idea of the volume I’ll be able to get an idea of price.

PiMagic PCB layout now reworked and uploaded for manufacture


PiMagic PCB layout now reworked and uploaded for manufacture

I’ve spent the last few days reworking the PCB layout of PiMagic with a few additional objectives:
– Add a Raspberry Pi mounting hole
– Remove unused areas of the Arduino shield (make PCB footprint as small as poss)
– Increase part density to leave a small prototyping area

All done now and uploaded to ragworm.eu for manufacture 🙂

Nanode RF Port allocations mapped out for resource usage clarity



I recently purchased a Nanode RF from the OSHUG 2012 hardware camp.  This is a nifty little piece of kit combining arduino, ethernet, RF comms and other functionality into one arduino-sized board.

Before getting started with this I wanted to, see what resources were already used for the on-board devices, so I could see what sensors etc. I could connect and to where.  Despite Ken’s efforts, the schematic isn’t the clearest to follow, so I decided to decode this into a table showing what resources are used where.  This is attached below (let me know if you want the spreadsheet or PDF versions).



New small scale manufacturing facility in the midlands


Looking to find out more next weekend. For now visit http://blackcountryatelier.com/

New Product Announcement – The Nanode Gateway | Nanode